Pragati's English Journal -December 2016


Postcolonial Perspectives Dr. N. K. Neb 1
Style and Language in Raja Ralo’s
Novel Cat and Shakespeare
Dr. K. B. Kushal 16

Transnational Identities in Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake

Dr. Navleen Multani 23
Treatment of Philosophy, Spirituality and Desire in Gita Mehta's A River Sutra Dr. Ashoo Toor 35
R. K. Narayan’s The Dark Room: A Sociological Study Seema Gupta 43
Transformation of Raju from Tourist Guide to Spiritual Guide in
R. K. Narayan’s The Guide
Rajni Devi 50
Narrative of Nativism in Dalit Literature: Rationale, Relevance and Ramifications Kirandeep Singh 55
Violence in Girish Karnad’s Tale-Danda Manju Joshi 62
Technique of Stream of Consciousness in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse Sushma 68
English Literary Criticism : Major Milestones in Critical Thought Ritika Sinha 73
Politics of Meaning Making and the Trickster Impulse in Dario Fo’s
Accidental Death of an Anarchist
Monika Dhillon 78
Poems Rajiv Khandelwal 86

Kulbhushan Kushal