Pragati's English Journal -June 2015


Translated Postcolonialism: Comparing Tiwana and Rushdie Dr. Sukhdeep Ghuman 1
G.C. Mago’s A Holey Prayer : An Artistic Attack on Unholy Practices
Dr. N. K. Neb 8

Rediscovering Gandhi’s Ecological Vision inAn Era of Environmental Crisis

Dr.Vineet Mehta 16
Reflections on Social and Moral Imbalances in Selected Indian English Novels Dr. Barinder Kumar Sharma 21
Catherine Bourne as a New Woman:A Feminist Perspective of Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden Dr. Virender Singh 27
Post-Colonial Approaches in R. Parthasarathy’s Poem ‘Exile’ Dr. Sarvesh Kumari 33
Redefining Classicism: Characteristics, Values and Influences Dr. Manpreet Kaur 39
“Speaking the Unspeakable: Child Sexual Abuse and the Role of Parents” in Mahesh Dattani’s ‘Thirty Days in September’ and Vijay Tendulkar’s ‘Ghasiram Kotwal’ Seema Rani 44
Critical Analysis of Thomas Hardy’s Female Protagonists: Feminist Perspective Varinder Kaur 49
Social Awareness in the Poetry of Imtiaz Dharker Dr. Neeraja Malik 54
The Resonance of Exile in Siddhartha Gigoo’s
The Garden of Solitude
Tabassum Saleem 58
Regionalism in Amit Chaudhuri’s A Strange and Sublime Vandana Rajput 63
Rupturing the Episteme: A Sartrean Interpretation of Protagonists in Mahasweta Devi’s “Draupadi”, “The Hunt” and “Behind the Bodice” Ankita Sharma 70
The Urban Neurotic Jew in Woody Allen’s Short Fiction Dr. Neerja Deswal 75