Pragati's English Journal -December 2013

The Charm and Nature of Poetry
Dr. N K Neb i
The Text-Intertext Rhizome
Dr. Chetna Gupta 1
Social Concerns in the Fiction of Mulk Raj Anand
Dr. Monika Sethi 6
Portrayal of Indian Peasantry in Mulak Raj Anand’s Gauri
Dr. L. S. Gill 11
Comedy, Laughter and Psychotherapy
Dr. Anupam Chakarbarty 17
Literatute of Commitment with Special Reference to George Orwells Homage to Catalonia
Navdeep Pnnu 23
The Quest For Identity in Vijay Tendulkar’s Silence! The Court is in Session
Dr. Sunit Kaur 29
Manufacturing Nationalist Historiography and Consent Through Newspaper in Rohinton Mistry’s Novels
 Ajay Verma 35
The Social Realist in Shashi Tharoor’s Short Stories Priti Deswal 41
Multiculturalism in Anand’s Untouchable Archana Sharma 48
Lakshmibai Tilak’s Smruti Chitre : Tussle aligning Social Bigotry Dr. Deepti Sharma 52
Sindi’s Journey from Detachment to Involvement in The Foreigner Dr. Sandhya Bharadwaj 55
Narogin’s Poem, ‘Harijan’: The Reading of Australian Identity in Contemporary Australian Poetry Anita Hooda 60
Vikram Seth’s From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinking and Tibet: a Critical Examination Reena Chaudhry 64
The Author as Protagonist in Norman Mailer’s The Deer Park (1955) Dr. Ravinder Singh 69
Marx,Hegal and Feurbech Views on Alienation Dr. Sarvesh Kumari 73
Amachya Ayushyatil Kahi Athawani : Ramabai Ranade’s Flight From Darkness to Illumination Dr. Ritambhara 79
Unspoken Words: An Analytical Study of Silence in Anjana Appachana’s Bahu, Incantations and Listening Now Kiranpreet Baath 83
Mimicry in Literature: A Study of Naipaul’s Parveen Kumari 87
The Symbols and The Motifs in The Psychological Biopic of Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in The Rye Ujjal Jeet 91
The Lowland : A Review of the Anuradha Bhattacharyya 95