Pragati's English Journal -June 2013

Title   Author   Page
Critiques of His(tory) in Graham Swift’s Waterland   Dr. Rashmi Verma              1
Conjugal Relationship in the Rainbow : A Study in Modern Perspective                      Dr. Vaibhav Dutt Sharma     11
Chronicles of Black Life in America : A Study of                     Dr. Nazneen Khan              15
Ebonics: From Black Language to Black Identity                           Sumedha Bhandari                      22
Ghosh’s Dancing in Cambodia: A Brush With and Culture                                               Ritu Singhal              29
Modern Bafflement to Postmodern Religious Saint Joan                Dr. Yash Preet                34
Alice Walker’s The Color Purple : A Validation of                   Reena Vij          39
Psychoanalytic Study of Pooru in   Anita Sharma   44
Themes and Images in White’s Novel,         Anjali Ahlawat              49
Louis Mac Neice’s East of The Sun and West of      Dr. Surekha Ahlawat   54
Self as Interplay of Cultural Forces in Jasmine   Charu Bhandari   58
Akhila’s dilemma in Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe                               Bhawana Baheti           63
Political Features in The Pakistani Bride                              K.Appala Raju             67
The Black Africans’ Dilemma in the poetry of                                  Anuradha Dubey              70
Slices of Life ( A Short Story)                                 Dr. N. K. Neb                            75
Nothing Sells Like Kitsch : Review Article   Dr. N D Dani    85
Mohinder Bhatnagar’s ‘Life : As It Is’ : A Review   Arvinder Kaur Beri   92