Vol. 10. No. 2 Jun 2010

Title Author Page
Narratives of The  ‘Silenced Women Dr. Tejinder Kaur            1-11
The Grammar of Conflicts                    Dr. Amrendra K Sharma , Dr. Manju Roy   12-18
Sexual and Racial Politics                   Poonam Bakshi             19-27
Ellison's Invisible Man                         Sunit Kaur                    28-33
Poems                                              Dr. A. S. Kushwah             34
Nuclear Violence and  Trauma              Gurpreet Kaur               35-41
Kulbhushan Kushal’s Poetry                 Geetanjali Bhagat          42-50
Supporting and Challenging Moves       Dr. Mahesh Kumar        51-56
Multiculturalism and Globalization        Seema Rana                  57-60
Faces of Hunger and Freedom              Sangita Mehta               61-64
Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain       Dr. Manjit Kaur            65-70
Quest for Pleasure                               Dr. B. K. Sharma          71-74
Gone Are the Rivers                            Sharad Manocha            75-78
BOOK REVIEW                                 Manmeet Sodhi             79-81
Cultural Dynamics                               N.K.Neb                           82