Vol. 10. No.1 December 2009

Title Author Page
Literature : Re-Present Representation Dr. Sharan Pal Singh   1-12
Eco-dharma in Chandrasekhar Kambar’s Tukra’s Dream Dr. Kumaran 13-20
Feminism and Literature Dr. Harbinder Kaur  21-29
Stylistic Approach in the Poetry  of  Kulbhushan Kushal Dr. Satendra Kumar  30-41
Swift’s Manipulation of the Protagonist in Gulliver’s Travels Madhumeet  42-50
A Postcolonial-Feminist Analysis of the Women Characters' Sumneet Pahwa 51-56
Naivete in Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Dialogics of Novelisation in Amitav Ghosh’s  The Shadow Lines Seema Singh 57-65
Impact of T. S. Eliot: Rahul in Afterwards by Jaishree Misra Dr. Vibha Bhoot 66-70
The Study of Narratives in Saul Bellow‘s The Victim Suruchi Sharma 71-76
Women as Subaltern Class in  Patriarchal Indian Society: Dr. Kusum Narula 77-84
A Study of Some Indian English Novels Amit Narula 
Rukmani as 'Valiant in Defeat': A feministic Assessment of Dr. Sujata Rana 85-90
Kamala Markandaya's Nectar  in a Sieve
Translated Poems...   Kulbhushan  Kushal  91-92
Lost and Found...  R K Parashar  93