PRAGATI's English Journal is published in June and December every year. The subscription details are as given below:

For Individuals:

  • Per Copy (postage extra): Rs. 100/- (For Indian Subscribers)
  • Annual (Postage Extra): Rs. 200/-(For Indian Subscribers)
  • Per Copy (postage extra): $5 (foreign subscribers)
  • Annual (Postage Extra): $10 (foreign subscribers)

For Institutions:

  • Per Copy (postage extra): Rs. 150/- (For Indian Institutions)
  • Annual (Postage Extra): Rs. 300/-(For Indian Institutions)
  • Per Copy (postage extra): $12 (foreign Institutions)
  • Annual (Postage Extra): $25 (foreign Institutions)

Payments should be made through a bank draft or a money order in favour of Pragati Education Council, Jalandhar,

The bank draft or money order should be sent to General Secretary, Pragati Education Council, 61/75 A, Garden Colony, Jalandhar City, Punjab, India 144003