About Publisher

PRAGATI's English Journal is published by Pragati Educational Council (Regd.). The Journal is published in June and December every year.

Pragati Educational Council, registered on 28 June 1988 under the Registration of Societies (Act XXI of 1860 and as amended by Punjab Amendment Act 1957is dedicated to the promotion of education, language and literature. It aims to disseminate knowledge through interactive programmes and published works of merit. The council has been bringing out a bi-annual) literary journal (Pragati’s English Journal (ISSN-0975-4091) published in June and December) for the last nineteen years. Apart from bringing out more than thirty five issues of the journal it has organized seven National Seminars on different issues concerning English literature. The Council instituted ‘Literary Excellence Award’ in 2018 with a view to encouraging quality creative and critical writings.

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