Instructions to CONTRIBUTORS

The English Journal proposes to explore the problems and complexities concerning the study of English language and literature in the emerging scenario of globalisation and extended use of English in Indian homes and workplaces. Contributors are welcome to submit critical articles, reports, reviews, creative writing (including translation) in English highlighting new developments in literature or literary thought or suggesting new orientation towards the use of English as language of communication. The journal also encourages the writings of thinkers and critics who otherwise remain marginalised due to the authoritative attitude of the literary establishment.
The journal follows a blind review policy in general. Articles submitted to the EJ will be reviewed by referees for publication. Articles will be returned only if they are accompanied by a self- addressed envelope with postage.
Contributors are requested to submit two copies of the paper. The paper should not usually exceed ten thousand words. Typescript should be typed on one side of the sheet only with double line spacing and wide left and right margins. The contributors must also attach a brief note about their occupation, academic interests and achievements along with their present address for correspondence.


Explanatory notes, if any, should follow the main text of the paper and should be numbered serially in the sequence in which they are referred to in the text. References should be cited in the paper in parenthesis with only the last name of the author and the year of publication, for example (Fahnestock and Secor, 1985). Proper bibliographical details, with page numbers, about the reference should follow at the end of the paper, for example (Fahnestock, Jeanne and Secor, Marie (1985), Rhetoric of Arguments, New York : Random House, 110-112). All references must be arranged alphabetically.

As a policy PEC prefers to publish the members of its Literary Society. For the membership of the Literary Society forms can be obtained from the Editor.

The authors can now also send their papers thro' email to