Guidelines for Article Reviewers

Review process helps the editor in making decision on an article. It is also helpful to the author to improve his work. The reviewers should take the following points into consideration during the process of review: 


  1. The review process should be kept confidential.
  2. The review must be objective and should not be influenced by any religious, political or cultural viewpoints or gender of the author.
  3.  The use of information the reviewer comes across during the peer review process of the article by him\her for personal or someone else’s advantage is unethical.


B.         The Review Reports Are To Take The Following Things Into Consideration:

  1. Originality of ideas 
  2. Contribution to the subject area. 
  3. Technical aspects
  4. Clarity of arguments 
  5. Depth of research

C.         The reviewers should also see that: 

I. The author has followed the ethical and publication policies of the journal. 

ii. The report is clear, objective, and appropriate.

 iii Derogatory comment on the content or its author are avoided 

  1. The report is submitted in stipulated time. 
  2. The recommendations should be either: 
  1. Accept 
  2. Requires minor changes 
  3. Requires major revision
  4. Not suitable for the journal, submit to some other journal. 
  5. Reject

Recommendation should be based on facts, and supported with arguments concerning the content of the manuscript.