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Approved for College Libraries by DPI Colleges, Punjab & Chandigarh, Vide letter No. 5/6-2006, dated 16-3-2006


Pragati’s English Journal (ISSN 0975-4091) is a bi-annual, peer reviewed, refereed journal published by Pragati Educational Council, in June and December. It focuses on the study of English language and literature. Contributors are welcome to submit critical articles, reviews, creative writings (including translations) in English highlighting new developments in literature or literary thought or suggesting new orientation towards the use of English as language of communication. The Journal was earlier included in UGC Approved Journals List-2017 (Sr#. 44762).


Pragati Educational Council (Regd.) 61\75-A, Garden Colony, Jalandhar City, Punjab, 144003
Editor : N. K. Neb
Associate Professor of English
DAV College Jalandhar

Pragati’s English Journal is a bi-annual journal published in June and December every year.
Number of issues: 2
Form of Publication: Print


Pragati’s English Journal
61\75-A, Garden Colony,
Jalandhar City, 144003, Punjab, India
Email: nebnarinder@gmail.com nebnarinder@yahoo.co.in
Mobile Number: 09815884583
Website: www.englishjournal.in

PRAGATI EDUCATIONAL COUNCIL The council a registered body dedicated to the promotion of education, language and literature. The council has been bringing out a biannual literary journal (Pragati’s English Journal (ISSN-0975-4091 published in June and December) for the last ten years. Apart from bringing out more than twenty issues of the journal it has published a number of quality books on English literature and literary criticism and organised six National Seminars on different issues concerning English literatrue . Having about 200 scholars and writers as the members of its literary society, the council is actively engaged in providing useful platform for creative interaction.